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The leading producers of navel oranges were primarily concentrated in a few key regions known for their citrus production. These regions are known for having the right climate and soil conditions to cultivate high-quality navel oranges. The leading producers of navel oranges include:

United States (California): California is one of the largest producers of navel oranges in the world, and it has been a significant player in the navel orange industry since the fruit's introduction in the 19th century. The state's mild climate and well-established agricultural practices make it an ideal location for growing navel oranges. Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California are particularly renowned for their navel orange production.

Spain: Spain is another major producer of navel oranges, with several regions specializing in citrus cultivation. The Valencia region, in particular, is famous for its sweet and juicy navel oranges. Spanish navel oranges are exported to various countries, making Spain a prominent player in the global citrus market.

Egypt: Egypt has also become a significant producer and exporter of navel oranges. The country's favorable climate, especially in the Nile Delta and along the Mediterranean coast, supports the growth of high-quality navel oranges. Egypt's navel oranges are popular in both regional and international markets.

South Africa: South Africa is a major exporter of navel oranges, with production concentrated in various regions, including the Eastern Cape and Limpopo. South African navel oranges are known for their excellent quality and are exported to countries around the world.

Australia: Australia is a significant producer of navel oranges, with New South Wales and Queensland being the main citrus-growing regions. Australian navel oranges are well-regarded for their taste and are exported to various countries.

Argentina: Argentina is also known for its navel orange production, particularly in the northeastern provinces, such as Tucumán and Entre Ríos. Argentine navel oranges are commonly exported to neighboring countries and international markets.

Featured Recipe:


 1 ounce vodka
 1 ounce peach schnapps
 4 ounces orange juice

 Pour ingredients into a highball glass almost filled with ice. Stir.

- - - -


 Fill a 9oz. glass with ice add 1 1/2 ounces of peach schnaaps, fill
 with O.J.

 HAIRY NAVEL same as above but with 3/4 oz each of peach and vodka.

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